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Drill Bits


PRO-EDGE carries a COMPLETE line of high quality, professional grade drill bits that are heat-treated and precision grounded for extra durability and cutting strength. Our drill bits cut every surface from metal to brick and concrete

JOBBER LENGTH Drill Bits- 135° split point to prevent "wobbling" for accurate holes and a 3 flats shank on diameters larger than 3/16" for a tighter grip with drill chucks

STEP Drill Bits- Multiple sizes in one drill bit so the user can enlarge different sized holes in one pass. Perfect for electricians and double flute removes heat and debris while drilling 

SILVER & DEMING Drill Bits- Enlarged jobber length drill bit with a 1/2" shank and a 6" overall length

Spade, Power Flat Paddle Drill Bits- Double cutting spurs instantly removes heat and debris 

AUGER Bits- Perfect for boring clean holes in timber logs, wood, and utility wooden posts

SELF FEED Bits- Perfect for boring large clean holes as big as 4-5/8" in diameter in all types of wood

MASONRY Twist Drill Bits- Carbide Tipped with a straight shank for drilling in brick, concrete, tile, and ceramic

SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill Bits- Carbide Tipped with a SDS plus shank for drilling in masonry materials with a rotary hammer drill

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