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Electric Saw


PRO-EDGE carries a COMPLETE line of high quality, professional grade saw blades that feature a heat-treated steel alloy backing with an electron welded cutting teeth. Steel Alloy backing is also flexible to absorb stress to make the blade last longer. Cutting teeth all contain COBALT steel for fast and clean cuts

Bi-Metal HOLE SAWS- Perfect for cutting through 2"x4" wood planks and has a 1-1/2" deep cut. Variable pitched teeth allows the hole saw to not be stuck to the cutting surface

Carbide Tipped HOLE SAWS- Perfect for cutting hard steel such as stainless steel and iron pipes with a carbide tipped teeth

Carbide Grit HOLE SAWS- Perfect for cutting brick, concrete, tile, and masonry materials

HOLE SAW Arbors- Attaches the power drill and the pilot drill bit to the hole saw 

CARBIDE GRIT RECIP SAW BLADES- Continuous carbide grit cutting edge grinds through fiberglass, hard steel, and etc.

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