Anchor Kits

  • Professional grade 

  • Ideal for hanging pictures, shelves, mirrors, and etc. in drywall

  • No predrilling needed - screws directly into drywall

  • Audible click that tells operators when the anchor is set

Available in 4 kinds of Anchors: Super Ribbed, Conical, Nylon, Zinc

Blue Concrete Screws:

  • Made of steel with a blue coating for corrosion resistance

  • Perfect for outdoor usage

  • Ideal for fastening jobs in concrete, brick, and hard materials

  • Great for installing electrical systems, flag poles, hurricane shelters, and etc.

Blue Plastic Anchor Kits & Super Ribbed Plastic Anchor Kits also includes a 1/4" Masonry Drill Bit

Plastic & Zinc Self Drill Kits come with a #2 x 1" Phillips Insert Bit

Super Ribbed Anchor

Blue Plastic / Conical Anchor

Nylon Anchor


74-TAPKIT: TAP-CON Installation Kit

Contains 1 of each: 1/4" Magnetic Nut Setter, 5/16" Magnetic Nut Setter, Phillips Bit Adapter, Drill Bit Adapter, Drive Sleeve, Drill Sleeve, 1/8" Hex Key, #2 Phillips Bit, #3 Phillips Bit

74-SLEEVE: Installation Kit Drill Sleeve

74-TAPCASE: Installation Kit Red Empty Case